Practice Area


Goren Tapiro law firm handles diverse portfolio of litigation matters, covering all legal disciplines and before all instances and courts, including labour courts, family courts, planning and construction committees and hearing proceedings. The firm's lawyers hold extensive experience as litigators, and are experts in representing business and private clients alike. The firm is known for its creative, out of the box thinking, accompanied by tactical and strategic analysis of each case, in order to achieve the optimal legal result for the client. The firm's attorneys highlight thoroughness and in-depth understanding of each case, under the belief that the final legal outcome might be determined by the smallest detail. The firm is known for its commitment and relentless strive to defend the client's interest. Each client of the firm receives personal and warm service by the firm's lawyers, receptive to his needs and objectives. We believe that a successful legal representation necessitates the client's participation, and achieves the results the client expected.

Advising companies and business

Goren Tapiro law firm advises companies and businesses in all aspects of their day-to-day activities. The firm's lawyers are known for their expertise in commercial law, inter alia corporate law, as well as in their profound business understanding. Based on its professional expertise and practical experience, Goren Tapiro law firm act as a genuine legal partner to its clients, who are provided with legal advice and concrete added value. Goren Tapiro law firm specializes in advising and accompanying companies and business throughout all stages of activity – from their initial establishment, capital raising, financing aspects (both bank and off-bank), to conducting various agreements, handling lawsuits and protecting against different legal proceedings. The firm's expertise includes formulating and managing commercial contracts, licensing of business and professionals, establishing companies and handling related matters, accompanying shareholders, directors and the company's functionaries, advice and protection of intellectual property assets, handling and recovering debts, as well as ongoing daily advice to companies and business.

Real Estate

Goren Tapiro law firm specialize in wide range of real estate matters, including complex issues. The firm's main practice areas are real estate transactions as well as planning and construction proceedings, urban renewals, development agreements, rent agreements and National Outline Plan 38. In addition, our firm serves real estate entrepreneurs and specializes in registration of rights and condominiums, partnership agreements and construction permits. In the complex and broad real estate practice field, our firm takes pride in its comprehensive expertise and proven experience in multiple disciplines, based upon a deep acquaintance with Israel's real estate laws and statutes. The firm holds a unique practice field of commercial centers, headed by Adv. Omer Goren. Adv. Goren possesses rich and unique experience in accompanying and establishing commercial centers across Israel, and has accompanied, inter alia, the establishment of Rosh Pina commercial center. Owed to his legal expertise, in addition to practical experience and business mindset, Adv. Goren functions as a genuine partner to his clients' activities in the complex and unique field of commercial centers.

Class Actions

Our firm specializes in the field of class action, representing both defendants and plaintiffs. Class action is a complex practice field, which requires special consideration in light of the frequent use in this tool during recent years, and the small percentage of lawsuits which receive court approval. Among others, our firm handles a high-profile NIS 144 million class action against an Israeli supermarket chain, on the basis of charging different prices from the original price, a lawsuit which received wide media coverage. The field of class action continues to grow in Israel during recent years. We believe that filing class actions is an important line of defense with regards to consumer rights, especially in light of the absence of enforcement by the authorities in different fields. Consequently, class action becomes a highly important tool for achieving meaningful and effective private enforcement.